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At JB Contract Services we prove our expertise every day as one of the North’s leading construction recruitment agencies, providing both labour and trades employees to the construction industry across the North East and the UK.  We work with major building contractors, sub-contractors and general builders to supply construction workers.

We can help you find your next role in bricklaying, groundworks, labour, carpentry, electrics, plant and crane operating and the whole range of both skilled, non-skilled and semi-skilled labour.

The construction industry is responsible for some 3 million jobs across the UK and the sector is particularly sensitive to changes in the economy.  We have been operating as a construction recruitment agency for a collective 30 years, and there is no position we have not filled – in all situations and for all company types.

Recruitment within the construction industry covers a broad range of roles, from the traditional construction and labour positions to the incorporation of HR, admin, finance and secretarial roles; all playing an important part.  If you are a company requiring construction human resource, then you will need one of the specialist construction recruitment agencies, who is experienced across the full range of requirements.  At JB Contract Services we are confident of our ability to provide effective staffing solutions by supplying the most capable candidates to fill permanent or temporary vacancies.

Our experience allows us to understand the exact profiles of typical construction positions.  From those requiring a certain level of physical fitness such as plumber and bricklayer, to technical roles such as maintenance engineer, where certain academic skills and qualifications will come into play.  We take away the hassles of contractor references, role-specific required certifications and right to work, leaving you to get on with your construction job.

We also understand the personal qualities required for specific construction roles, filtering and passing over candidates that we know will have the flexibility and adaptability to perform within required roles.

If you are looking for your next construction role or to fill a position, talk to us today about becoming your next specialist construction recruitment agency.





Dave's Story...

After working for the same Company for 25 years I was made redundant.  I applied for an advert I saw on a jobsite and spoke to Helen, I really didn’t know how agencies worked but she went through the whole process with me, taking the time to explain how and what happened next. Since then I have enjoyed the regular work that JB has provided me with and the variety and flexibility that it brings.

I have since been offered permanent work with a couple of the contractors. This has been my first experience with an agency and I could not recommend JB contracts enough; they really did help me when I needed it.


Assistant Site Manager

Kenny's Story

I worked for JB Contract Services consecutively for 7 months on a rolling temporary contract before being offered a permanent contract by one of the companies I was placed with. The service from JB was professional from day one and, for anyone looking for temporary or even permanent work, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.



Cole's Story

At only 18 years of age and with my CSCS card, I really needed work and was struggling to find any because of my lack of experience, I registered with JB Contract Services and they found me a job very quickly, this really helped me build up my confidence and experience on site.

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