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Contract work in the engineering sector has always played an important role, with many small and large companies hiring contract engineers, designers and technicians on an as-needed project basis.   Having a contract recruitment agency that understands the flexibility of this industry is important to making your next role a success.

As the largest sector in the UK’s technical field, Engineering employs more than 5 million people in this country, making it a substantial force in the economy.  The industry incorporates a broad range of roles, with contract work in the engineering sector including positions such as oil and gas workers, sewage treatment workers, safety and mechanical engineers.

Whether your next position in the Engineering field is your first one as an apprentice or you are a highly-qualified Maintenance Technician, you can trust JB Contract Services to understand your role and career requirements and make sure a position is the right fit for you.  And, if you are an employer, then you can take advantage of our strong, existing candidate relationships in this area.

We work with large organisations to smaller SMEs and innovation start-ups, matching Engineering resource requirements to the right candidates and ensuring our part in developing contract work in the engineering sector is exceptional.  Talk to us today about how we could help with your next project or career move.



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Kenny's story

I worked for JB Contract Services consecutively for 7 months on a rolling temporary contract before being offered a permanent contract by one of the companies I was placed with. The service from JB was professional from day one and, for anyone looking for temporary or even permanent work, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

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