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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019!

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week!

Global Entrepreneurship Week (or GEW) is an annual event occurring every November. GEW aims to inspire and connect the next generation of entrepreneurs through events across the world.

We’d like to use this opportunity to introduce you to our very own entrepreneurs, the faces behind JB Contract Services.

Meet Helen and Andrew!

Helen started working in recruitment back in 1998 as an administration assistant for a large corporate recruitment agency that specialised in construction; she worked her way up the ranks as a senior consultant where she stayed for 16 years. After moving on, she joined another Recruitment Agency where she was quickly promoted to manager.

“I always dreamed of having my own business and after numerous chats and meetings with Andrew we decided that with our experience and knowledge of the industry to go for it,” Helen says, “Contract recruitment agencies in Sunderland were not providing the service required and we knew that we could deliver to this part of the market. It has been the hardest but the best time creating our business and I am excited for the plans we have for the future!”

Andrew started in the recruitment industry back in 2003 within a large, regional agency. After 10 years and various promotions to Senior Consultant, Andrew joined a national firm to further develop and refine his skills. He remained in this position for over 5 years before leaving to set up JB Contract Services with Helen. His expertise is in construction, trades and technical roles and he has developed long-term, trusting relationships with his clients.

“Deciding to leave a company to set up a business after so long was so daunting, though we recognised the gap for contract recruitment agencies in Sunderland,” Andrew says, “It has been challenging yet rewarding. I have never been happier, and I am genuinely excited for the future of JB Contract Services.”

For more information about Global Entrepreneurship Week, including events happening this week and how to get involved, head to