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Recruitment Agencies: What Do We Do?

Finding a job is a difficult process, and if you’ve been scrolling through job boards, you’ll notice that some advertisements are provided by a recruitment agency.  

But what actually is a recruitment agency? And how are JB Contract Services involved in you receiving a job offer?  


What do we do? 

JB Contract Services are hired by employers to find candidates for their open job roles.  

To fill these job roles, we either consult our database of workers to see who best fits the criteria provided by the employer, or we post an advertisement to find a new candidate.  

We then select the candidates we feel have the right skills and send them across to the employer for approval. We’ll also arrange interviews for our candidates. Essentially, we are the ‘middle-man’ between you and the employer, and we can advise you on anything from formatting your CV to what to wear for your interview.  


Why should you use a recruitment agency? 

We streamline the job-searching process.  
We have close connections with some brilliant employers, so we can offer you job opportunities you may not have otherwise heard of. We can also prepare you for your interview and give you expert advice on what the employer expects from you. Our top priority is to find you a job you’re happy in.  


Does it cost money?  

No! Our funding doesn’t come from our candidates, we are paid by the employers who use our services. 

How can you join us?  

If you’re looking for a job, let us help! We may not have the perfect role for you now, but being added to our database means that we can contact you when a position that matches your skills comes in. To be added to our list of candidates for roles in the construction, commercial, administration or IT sectors, you can call us today on 0191 337 1567 or you can get in touch here with a member of our team!